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Yoshi’ New Island 3DS ROM & CIA


App NameYoshi’s New Island 3DS ROM & CIA

Yoshi’s New Island is an adventure platform-based game. It is based on the arcade-style gameplay experience with smooth 2D graphics. The game is very similar to the previous Mario series. It has an amazing storyline with an interesting gameplay experience. To Download Yoshi’ New Island 3DS ROM & CIA For Free, just tap on the download link given down below.

About Yoshis New Island 3DS ROM & CIA

In this game, players will get to see a very popular Mario world character “Yoshi”. Yoshi is a cute blue dinosaur who is the main character in this game. The game is filled with a lot of challenges which includes rough surface, broken lands, up and down path, and dangerous enemies. Your task is to overcome all these challenges and achieve your goal. The game doesn’t offer any weapons as Yoshi can swallow enemies with his huge tongue and make a pleasing sound while attacking its enemies. Yoshi can also spit out what he eats and use it as a weapon to attack enemies. 


Fascinating Storyline

The game comes with an interesting storyline in which there are two characters, a baby Mario and a baby Luigi. While they are returning home baby Luigi is trapped by evil Kamek the Magi-Koopa. However, baby Mario found himself somewhere on a strange island. The baby Mario was welcomed by the Yoshis dinosaur tribe. After they understood the situation, the whole tribe was eager to find the baby Luigi. They assign Yoshi to take baby Mario and find out about baby Luigi. Bring them back and reunite them with their family. 

Special Skills and Abilities Of Yoshi’s

Yoshi has many special abilities that make him one of the best and most popular characters in Mario’s world, like creating a shield to block enemies’ attacks. Different Yoshi comes in different colors that help players to understand their different skills and abilities. Like orange Yoshi has fiery breath, white Yoshi has wings, red Yoshi has super speed, Blue Yoshi can float in water, and more. The color of Yoshi can change temporarily by eating some specific flowers and fruits. However, originally Yoshi’s are bright green in color.

Astonishing Adventures and Action Gameplay Experience

In this game, you will play the role of a Yoshi who is carrying Baby Mario on his back and overcomes all the challenges while bringing back Baby Luigi. As your journey begins, you will find a common enemy of all children, Baby Bowser and Kamek the Magi-Koopa. They wanted to capture baby Mario and serve him to drake intrigues. The game has an adventure journey with a lot of action scenes. 

This is a level-based game and at each level, Yoshi has to collect 20 gold coins and 5 flowers. In the beginning, you may not get to know the importance of things you collected but later in the game, these things will become extremely useful. Like you can eat flowers to change your color and get different skills and abilities to fight with your enemies and more. The game is filled with a lot of rare items that you must collect, most of them to differentiate some dangerous enemies and bosses to save Baby Luigi. 

Graphics Quality

The game offers beautiful and stunning 3D graphics quality. The 3D design of characters gives a great look and feel to the game. It has high-quality 3D scenes with attractive and eye-catching colors. The Yoshi gives an emotional touch to the game with its wholesome attitude and cute looks.

Download Yoshi’s New Island 3DS ROM

Yoshi’s New Island 3DS ROM

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