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App Name Tomodachi life 3DS ROM & CIA
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Tomodachi life is a unique simulation game that is offered by Nintendo 3DS. In this game, players will get the opportunity to live a different life filled with many ups and downs. It is a 90s game that is still very popular and played by a lot of people all across the world. 


About Tomodachi life 3DS ROM & CIA

Everyone has one life and there are a lot of things that they want to do in it but unfortunately due to some circumstances, they can’t do it. Therefore Tomodachi life lets you live your dream life in its beautiful virtual world. The game has a realistic touch that helps users to feel every aspect of it. Like you dream of walking on a beach at night, want to watch a stunning sunset in the mountains, or want to sing on the streets with your own band. Now it’s all possible with this amazing game.

Create Your Own Character

In the beginning, you will find yourself on an island where you can start a new life and do whatever you like. Give your island a beautiful name and then choose an attractive character for yourself. The game has a massive variety of options that let you create the best character for yourself and you can also choose whether you want a male or a female character. Also, every character in the game has a very beautiful and attractive voice that makes you fall in love with them. You will get to see many different voices that you can choose for your character’s voice. 



The game is filled with a lot of surprises, challenges, and other things that provide this game with a realistic touch. In this game, you will play the role of the character Mii. You will have full control over Mii and full fill some normal daily needs like eating, studying, sleeping, entertainment, and work. Help Mii in making correct choices in every aspect of her life. Choose whether you want to just be friends with a person or you want to build a stronger bond. You will get to make many different choices that help you move further in the game and if you don’t make any choices your character will not do anything and everything in the game stops as this is your world and everything is connected with you. Keep on exploring different stuff in the game and enjoy a new life you always wanted.

Graphics Quality

The game has stunning and realistic graphics quality. The colors of this game are very punchy and attractive. Each character looks very lovely and eye-catching with a cute voice that makes you love them all. As this is a very old game released in the 90s it still has very attractive graphics that can easily compete with the games we play now. Also, it has a huge fan base that loves playing this awesome game for ours. Download Tomodachi life 3DS ROM & CIA and enjoy.

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Tomodachi life 3DS ROM

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